The Uniform market in just North America is over $15 billion in size consisting of annual production of over 75,000,000 uniforms at an average of $200 per uniform1


Our rejuvenation technology platform allows us to take corporate uniforms at the end of their useful life which would normally be headed for the landfill and now re-purpose them into new uniforms creating a true “360° circular economy”.


With each pound of uniform material we re-purpose, we save over 700 gallons of precious water.


Just 100,000 knit shirts would save over 70,000,000 gallons of water originally used in the creation of those uniforms.


According to a survey by Monster, 92% of entry level workers prefer to work for an environmentally friendly company.


Eco Tek 360’s patent pending green technology allows us to provide sustainable uniforms that your team will be proud to wear.


ECO TEK 360, Proudly Outfitting Sustainable Winning Teams

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